Beware of Online Trainers ft. Chester Moreno

Beware of Online Trainers ft. Chester Moreno

Happy Fusion Friday! Today we have a special guest blog post. This was written by one of our brand ambassadors, Chester Moreno. He's full of knowledge and insight, so check out the blog and follow him on social media!


As we embark on the beginning of 2020, a lot of us have come to the crossroads of New Year’s resolutions. Fitness, in particular, being one of them. We don’t like what we see in the mirror, we wonder how did we let ourselves go with a lack of physical activity or stray from good nutrition. Trust me, I’ve been there as well. We’re living in a “Netflix and chill” society instead of being healthy and active. 

Now more than ever, fitness information and personal training/coaching is so readily available to us via the internet that it’s hard to sift out who we want transforming our bodies. The fitness industry is so oversaturated with online personal trainers/coaches that it’s hard to stand out. A lot of the times, clients end up throwing their money away to inexperienced trainers, trainers that literally just started working out the other day, or just people that really don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.

Social media and the internet can be a very deceiving place. Potential clients look at coaches’ pictures thinking they can look like them or watching their videos of exercises that could potentially put their bodies at serious risk for injury. Before you pull the trigger on hiring them as your coach, you have to consider a couple of things.

Just because a person is a certified personal trainer, doesn’t mean shit. What matters is if a person can get you from point A to point B (transforming your body) with the least amount of bullshit in between. Even now, as an online personal trainer/coach I’m much better than when I had my (now expired) NASM certification from 10 years ago. Anyone that claims that they’re an expert really doesn’t dedicate themselves to their craft of becoming a better coach/trainer everyday. Do these coaches/trainers have any legitimate transformation pictures under their belt? (Refer to my rant on YouTube/IG on Calling Out All Online Coaches/Personal Trainers) 

Does this coach practice what he/she preaches? A lot of the times, these people are blowing smoke up your ass with IG “swipe workouts” that look professional but are messing around with exercise routines that are really ineffective or borderline dangerous because they don’t really know the mechanics of the body or are uninterested in keeping their clients safe. Also, what I’ve noticed a lot of is that everyone claims to be a coach now when they haven’t even put the time or effort into transforming their own bodies themselves. Some of these people on social media look like they’ve only been training for the last three months with some bullshit hippy-ass workouts and now all of a sudden they’re experts. All of my posts on IG are tried and true classic exercises that I do myself and are actually filmed in the middle of my workouts. I’ve even filmed a complete Delts and Traps workout for YouTube from beginning to end. No smoke and mirrors around here.

Lastly, does this coach “guarantee” you results or make it seem like things are too good to be true? Most often times it is. I don’t claim to be a miracle worker, a good work ethic and consistency trumps genetics any day of the week. I don’t hide my cheat meals on the weekends because I show this life is sustainable. I show my clients what it takes to understand nutrition and to make smart choices and to have occasional free meals as well as training with purpose. I didn’t come into this industry to make people just lose weight. I’m in this to transform people’s physiques by putting on lean muscle mass and torching fat (getting lean!).

My intent isn’t to make a quick buck or con people out of their money. I want to make a positive impact on this world as one of the baddest coaches in the game and show people that with will and determination and the proper guidance, the physique of their dreams is very much within reach and achievable.

So before you spend your hard-earned money, do your research. There’s definitely no shortage of coaches/trainers in this industry, whether it be online or in-person. Especially now with the upcoming first quarter of the year, this is the busiest time for trainers all around the world. If you’re looking for someone that’s knowledgeable and serious about their craft, come and talk to me, even if it’s just to pick my mind and ask some general questions about working out or nutrition.

Let’s reach our fitness goals together for the upcoming year and beyond and truly embrace this lifestyle!

-Chester Moreno a.k.a. Thor

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