Home Workout Essentials + At Home Leg Workout

Home Workout Essentials + At Home Leg Workout

Hey everyone, 

Hope you're all doing well in this uncertain time in our lives. The Corona Virus has shut down pretty much everything around us. Retail stores, Movies Theaters, Schools and even our beloved Gyms. With all the hard work we have put in, we don't wanna lose our gains.  So we have to improvise. Below is a lower body home workout, and I also came up with some home workout equipment essentials, for you to be able to do a variety of workouts while the gyms are closed. 

Notice I said home workout, and not home gym.  While a home gym would be ideal, not everyone has the space, or the budget for a full gym setup, or even for a squat rack and barbell with weights. So check these out below.  BTW, these are not affiliate links. Just stuff I found while searching through Amazon and other sites for what could be beneficial. 

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First up is a pullup bar.  I like the over-the-door style pullup bars for the house, because it goes over the door frame and doesn't require any holes in your walls.


Next up are exercise bands. These are so great, because they serve so many functions. If you can't do pullups, loop them around the bar and use a band for support. You can also stand on one side and do presses and curls. Loop them around a pole, and you have a makeshift chest press, or a rowing attachment. You can even use them for squats and good mornings. You're only limited by your imagination.


Next up is dumbbells.  These can get pretty expensive, so you'll have to decide on your budget.  These are great and adjustable, but it might be tough to find them in stock at this time.


That's really all you need to be able to do a wide variety of workouts at home, until this is all over and we're all back to the Iron Paradise of our gyms. While you're waiting on that equipment to get in, check out this video below. My daughter and I filmed a Leg Workout that you can do without any equipment. Enjoy the video, and get to work!


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