How To Stack Fusion Products!

How To Stack Fusion Products!

We get a lot of questions from people on what the best way to use our products is. So here's how I use our products on my lifting days:


Preworkout: About 15-20 minutes before hitting the gym, I drink a full serving of Super Soldier Pre Workout.  As I'm driving to the gym, I start to feel the beta alanine working and I get a slight tingling sensation. By the time I'm changed and start warming up, I can feel the energy hitting me. 


During Workout: I have a shaker cup of water mixed with a full serving of Healing Factor Post Workout and 11 grams of our 100% Whey Protein Isolate. It mixes and tastes great, and helps keep me hydrated during my workout. If I'm fasting that day, I'll skip the protein and just have Healing Factor.


Post Workout Meal: I have a mix of eggs and egg whites to hit my protein and fats for that meal.  I also make a serving of Cream of Rice, and I mix in 11 grams of Whey Protein Isolate, and 1 teaspoon of peanut butter.  This enhances the taste of the cream of rice, and adds a bit more protein and fat.  You can adjust this for your own protein and fat requirements.


Later in the day, I may have another serving of Healing Factor.  If I'm particularly thirsty or craving something sweet, Healing Factor takes care of that without any added sugar.


Bedtime: Close to bedtime, I have a scoop of 100% Whey Protein Isolate.  Usually it's with 8 oz of Almond milk, but if I'm craving a nighttime snack, I mix it with 8 oz of lactose free whole milk. It tastes so good, that it feels like I'm having an unhealthy snack. Great way to kill any late night ice cream craving.


This is what works for me, and my results in the gym have been the best they've ever been since I started doing this.  Try this out for yourself, or find your own way to use our products.  Any way you use them, you'll be #FueledByFusion.

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