Build Lean Muscle Mass, Incredible Strength Gains, & Lean Out Fast With My FREE Training Program

Build Lean Muscle Mass, Incredible Strength Gains, & Lean Out Fast With My FREE Training Program

Push/Pull Training Program
Push/Pull Training ProgramPush/Pull Training ProgramPush/Pull Training Program

  • Build Rock Hard Muscle WITHOUT The Fat
  • Develop Strength, Power, And Endurance
  • Build the Perfect Physique
  • Slim Down, Burn Fat, And Turn Heads
  • ​Get Instant Access to Workouts, Nutrition Guidelines, Cardio Regiments, Supplement Recommendations, and more...
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Serious Muscle Building!

Looking for an amazing workout plan without having to be in the gym everyday? Get this E-Book! Full layout to get you dominating in the gym. Build muscle in your entire body!

4 Day a week Push/Pull Training Program

Work hard in the gym for 4 days, and use the other days to rest, stretch, or do cardio!

Nutrition Guidelines!

Learn how to track your macros to either lose or gain weight. Set up your macros to maximize your results.

Maximize your time in the gym!

  • Full 4 day a week training program 
  • Cardio 
  • Nutrition
  • Food Choices
  • Supplement Recommendations  



Deadlift                                5x5 

Pullup                                  4x8 

RDL (Romanian Deadlift)  4x10 

Lat Pulldown                      4x10 

T-Bar Row                          3x10 

Hamstring Curl                   3x12 

High Machine Row             3x12 

  Hammer Curls                    3x10   

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